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This site is dedicated to the
effort to learn critical facts
about the Duke Hospitals
surgical patients exposure
to hydraulic fluid.


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You may contact us with information concerning the Duke Hospitals patient exposure to hydraulic fluid on any of the topics suggested on the front page, or with any related information you think may be helpful. You may also contact us with questions of any kind.

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You may contact us by telephone or fax at the numbers listed to the left, or via email at by clicking DukeHFknowledge@templelawfirm.com.

It is helpful if you can provide enough detail so that we can best use the information, or locate sources of information (documents, computer records, etc) in order to best assist with the research. While you do not have to leave your name if you wish to remain anonymous, we hope that you will give us a means to contact you and to follow up on the valuable information you have provided. We pledge to take each message seriously, and will follow up on all information received.

The inquiry is paid for solely by the Temple Law Firm, PLLC, but is not an advertisement for legal services. This inquiry is not affiliated or associated with any other law firm or group other than Temple Law Firm, PLLC. This inquiry into the Duke Hospitals surgical patient exposure to hydraulic fluid is being conducted on an independent basis, and is not connected with, sponsored by, or controlled by, Duke Hospitals or any related organization. Your confidentiality will be protected to the fullest extent of the law.

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